For students experiencing depression, anxiety, homesickness or low self-esteem, that first conversation can make all the difference.

Developed by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, this new e-learning package is designed to give non-specialist staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to offer a first line of support to students who may have mental health issues.

Introduced by well-known TV presenter Alexander Armstrong, the package consists of six, easy-to-follow 20-minute sessions, including:

We hope you enjoy the sessions and would very much like to have your feedback.

Key Principles

Key principles that need to be considered when supporting students in informal situations, in order to support them effectively, within the boundaries of your professional role.

Signs to Look Out For

This session will introduce you to signs of deteriorating mental health and how to proceed if you spot these symptoms in students you support.

Key Skills

This session identifies the skills you need to support someone who is distressed. You should complete the "Key Principles" session before attempting this session.


How some students are affected emotionally and the difficulties they face when they leave home to start university.

Students at Risk or in Crisis

How best to respond to students who are experiencing crises, and/or are take risks with their, or others, well-being.

Case Study

Bringing together skills from other sessions to provide you with a key summary of how to help students, as well as showing good practice in action.

Created By Chilli IS on behalf of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust © 2016