Session Summary

Learning Objectives

Having completed this session you will be able to:
  • State the key principles in supporting students
  • Explain the importance of privacy agreements and their limits
  • Describe why good timing makes for successful interventions
  • State the limits of your professional role
  • Know when to respond to potential risk and when to refer on to colleagues and specialist services
  • Explain the five key requirements for good note-keeping
  • Review your own self-care habits and know how to maintain and enhance these in order to sustain you in your role

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Further Reading and Activities

  • Brazier, C. (2009). Listening to the Other: A Practical Approach to Listening Skills: A New Approach to Counselling and Listening Skills. London: O Books.
  • Nelson-Jones, R. (2011). Basic Counselling Skills: A Helpers Manual. London: Sage.


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