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Let’s consider who benefits from the records we may keep and how.

But most of all the student.

A file being passed from one person to another

A staff member looking at a student record


Keeping a record of what occurred can be an aide-memoire for you, it can also help to demonstrate the manner in which you supported and directed the student, should you need to evidence this at a later date.

A staff member looking at a student record

University colleagues

If the concern about a student’s well-being increases, supporting and safeguarding that student can be greatly helped by having a clear timeline of who supported the student at each stage and how concerns may have escalated.

An external colleague looking at a student record

Colleagues external to the university

Sometimes students’ needs are best served by services outside the university. These colleagues may also benefit from the records that you have kept. They will help to inform your colleagues as to nature of the students concern.

A worried looking student


Ultimately, the person who always benefits from good record keeping is the student. Keeping brief but clear notes about your contact with the student can mean that students’ needs can be more fully served when other parties become involved in their well-being care.