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When you notice a student is in need of help, or they approach you for support or guidance, it is vital that these conversations are always built upon a mutual understanding of what can be provided. Being prepared and able to listen, will help people feel safe enough to speak honestly and this can contribute to them getting the best from a help-seeking conversation. However universities have a responsibility to different people, often at the same time:

Such responsibility is dictated by legal and ethical responsibilities.

With this in mind, it is vital that any support interaction with the student starts with an acknowledgement of the limits to which privacy can be offered. It is important for you to be clear about the level of confidentiality you can offer when students talk about their difficulties.

Student looking distressed having approached a member of staff

UK government’s prevent strategy

UK government’s prevent strategy

Legal responsibilities

An example would be the university’s obligations to fulfil our part of the government’s PREVENT strategy (a strategy to deal with radicalisation concerns).

The word ‘ethics’

Ethical responsibilities

Could include our obligations to protect all vulnerable adults and children.