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This is a process of giving an overview of what has been said in your own words. Summarising reinforces that you have been listening closely to what has been said and it can also help to:

Student speaking to a staff member looking upset.
Staff member saying “From what you say it sounds like your tutor believes your grades are ok.  Can you tell me though about how you feel your grades aren’t good enough?“
Staff member saying “We’ve talked a lot about the difficulties in coming out to your parents. Can you see any positives in telling them?”
Staff member saying “I’m aware as you say, there are lots of judgements in society about having a termination.  I’m interested though in how you feel about the possibility of you having that procedure.”
Staff member saying “I can hear how difficult it’s been for you experienced being bullied. What do you think your options are to help you move forward?”
Staff member saying “We spoke last time about how low you’ve been feeling. How’ve you been since then?”