Helping Carers

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Students who are carers or who have a family to support themselves may encounter difficulties in adjusting to student life and feel an outsider in a similar way to overseas students. They may find it hard to attend their lectures, meet deadlines and miss out on social activities because of their caring responsibilities.

Possible ways of helping

It is important to remember, that at the end of studies students may experience a ‘reverse culture shock’. This may happen when they return to their original or a new culture which will be different to what they had grown accustomed to whilst at university. You can help them to prepare for this before they leave university.

Students who are carers may be eligible for additional funding, so make sure that the student is in contact with staff who deal with student finance.

Adjustments can be made with tutors to take into account the student's extra responsibilities; encourage them to talk with their tutors, to make them aware of the situation.

Direct the student to the counselling service if you believe that talking the situation through with someone might help.