If you begin to feel out of your depth with the student or their issues are not improving, you may decide to signpost them to one or more of the resources shown.

Select each sign for more information.

General Practitioner

The GP has primary responsibility for the physical or mental health of the student and can help with many things including suicidal thoughts, poor eating and sleeping, physical ailments etc.


A counsellor can help a student to explore psychological or emotional difficulties in depth and find a way forward. For example, homesickness, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression etc.

Study Skills

Study skills tutors can help with any study-related issue, like:

  • Essay planning
  • Help with written English
  • Maths and science
  • Procrastination

Halls Wardens

Halls wardens can give students practical advice on day-to-day living and also help them to settle into their accommodation and make friends.

Student Union

The Student Union runs clubs and societies for students to join as well as providing independent advice on university and welfare related matters.

Disability Service

The Disability Service will help any registered disabled student access the support they need to complete their course.

International Office

The International Office provides specific support for international students.


Tutors may be the first place to go for advice regarding the course, the lectures, assignments etc.


The careers department can provide advice if a student feels they are on the wrong course as well as help with finding a job at the end of the course.

Student Finance

The student finance department can offer advice on paying fees and accommodation bills and any financial support that may be available to the student.