If a student talks to you about feeling out of control, or is suicidal, it is important that you keep calm. By remaining calm, you can often help the student to feel calmer too. Try to remember as much detail of what the student is telling you, as you will need to pass this information on if others become involved.

The extent to which you might be expected to talk to the student about the detail of what is happening to them, or to offer support, will be dependent on your particular role. In most situations where a student is at risk, you will need to pass on your concerns to an appropriate service or person within the university as quickly as possible.

Read the case study about Darius and then answer the question below.

Should you ask Darius whether he has had thoughts of harming himself?

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Case study

Darius, a first year student is noticeably quiet during lectures. Over the first several weeks of term you notice his isolation from other students. He hasn't submitted any responses to coursework that you have set the group.

During a subsequent session you notice he attends with his hand crudely bandaged and obviously injured. After the class finishes Darius remains to tell you he is unable to type, and as he speaks he begins to get tearful.