Accessibility Help

Accessible Style

We make efforts to support users of different forms of assistive technology (AT) by providing assistive text, subtitles and captions in our e-learning sessions, where appropriate. We also provide a high contrast version of our e-learning sessions for users with vision disabilities. This style can be enabled and disabled by selecting this icon Use high contrast stylesheet in the footer of the session.

Selecting the high contrast style switches off many colour options, making most of the content black and white. Alternative versions of some content is also provided, for instance where it would otherwise be difficult for users with visual impairments or for those users not using a mouse device.

Changing the text size and zoom level

Many web browsers, and other user agents, have built-in functionality that allows you to zoom in and out of the e-learning session. This allows you to make text and images in the session larger or smaller.

Access Keys

Access keys let you navigate around the e-learning session without using a mouse or other pointing device.

Table of Access Keys Used

Access keys are intended to provide an alternative form of navigation by using keyboard shortcuts. Please note that only numeric keys have been used in this e-learning session, in an effort to provide the alternative navigtation while not conflicting with any other software that may use access keys or any access keys already defined by the user themselves.

Some assistive technology tools such as the IBM HomePage Reader and WindowEyes already make use of the alt+[access key] combinations. As such, users of these tools may not be able to use some of these access keys.

How to use Access Keys in your Browser