Question 1

Over the following slides, we will set out a case study to work through from initial contact with the student to a resolution. Read the case study and then answer the question below.

Which of the following would it be appropriate to say to Catherine and Aisha?

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Donna's flatmates

Catherine and Aisha are second year flatmates who have come to see you as they are worried about Donna, who lives with them. She replaced a friend of theirs who dropped out of the flat-share, and they don’t know her very well.

Donna seems to have changed a lot since the beginning of term. She recently split up with her boyfriend and seems to have taken it badly. They don't know what to do but feel her behaviour has become a bit reckless. She has been drunk to the point of sickness on several occasions, and she has also been bringing random men back to the flat to stay. They are concerned about this, for a number of reasons.

Their parents have told them to mention it to a staff member so they have come to you. They don't want Donna to know they have raised concerns.